What Happened to the El Diablo Monster Truck?

The El Diablo Monster Truck was one of the most iconic monster trucks of all time, and it was a crowd favorite at events during its heyday. It was known for its large size, big tires, and powerful engine.

It was also a fan favorite because of its signature paint job, which featured flames on the sides and hood that made it look like a devil truck. Unfortunately, this beloved vehicle is no longer around.

The El Diablo Monster Truck began in 2000 when owner and driver Steve Sims acquired an old 1960s Chevy C-10 pickup truck and rebuilt it into a monster truck. He then added the custom paint job that featured flames on the sides and hood to give it the El Diablo moniker.

The truck quickly gained popularity in the monster truck scene due to its unique look and powerful performance. Sims competed in numerous events over the years with El Diablo, wowing crowds with his stunts and amazing driving skills.

Unfortunately, in 2017, Sims announced that he would be retiring from monster truck racing after 17 years of competing with El Diablo. He stated that he wanted to spend more time with his family and focus on his other business ventures. With his retirement came the end of El Diablo as well; Sims sold off all of the parts from the truck so that someone else could build their own version.

The legacy of El Diablo will live on in memory for many fans who got to witness this magnificent machine in action over the years. It may be gone now, but its iconic looks will never be forgotten. Even though it’s no longer around, we can still appreciate what this vehicle meant to many people who experienced it first-hand.


What happened to the El Diablo Monster Truck? After 17 years of thrilling crowds with its impressive stunts and powerful performance, Steve Sims retired from monster truck racing in 2017 which brought an end to this beloved vehicle. Though gone now, fans still remember its iconic looks and what it meant to them over the years.

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