What Happened to the Hot Wheels Monster Truck?

Hot Wheels has been a staple in the toy and collectible car industry for over 50 years. Since its introduction in 1968, Hot Wheels has been one of the most beloved toys among children and adults alike. With its iconic orange track, realistic die-cast cars, and wide selection of exciting playsets, Hot Wheels has become one of the most recognizable names in the world.

One of the most popular products from Hot Wheels was their Monster Truck line. Released in 2000, these monstrous vehicles featured oversized wheels, chunky bodies and towering heights that made them the perfect choice for any child looking to create their own demolition derby. With an ever-growing selection of monster trucks to choose from, kids were able to customize their own collection with a variety of colors and designs.

Unfortunately, after nearly two decades of success, Hot Wheels discontinued their Monster Truck line in 2018. Although there was no official announcement from the company at the time, many fans believe that declining sales may have been to blame for its demise. While some speculated that it was due to changing tastes among consumers or rising production costs, no one can say for sure why Hot Wheels decided to discontinue the beloved line.

However, despite its discontinuation, many fans still fondly remember the Hot Wheels Monster Truck line as one of their favorite childhood toys. The oversized vehicles have become something of a collector’s item among some enthusiasts and can still be found on online auctions or specialty stores. While it may not be as popular as it once was, the legacy of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks lives on.


The Hot Wheels Monster Truck line was incredibly popular for nearly two decades before being discontinued by Hot Wheels in 2018 due to declining sales or other unknown reasons. Despite no longer being available from store shelves, many fans still fondly remember this beloved childhood toy as they seek out other collectors or purchase them online.

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