What Happened to the Monster Truck Snake Bite?

In the world of motorsports, Monster Trucks have always been a fan favorite. The Snake Bite was one of the most popular Monster Trucks of its time, with its iconic paint job and high-performance engine. Unfortunately, it was also one of the shortest-lived trucks in the sport’s history.

The Snake Bite made its debut in 1990 and immediately became a hit with fans.

It was driven by Don “Snake” Prudhomme, a former drag racer and current team owner for NHRA’s Funny Cars division. Snake Bite quickly gained notoriety for its aggressive driving style and flashy paint job that featured large red and yellow flames down its sides.

The Snake Bite ran for two seasons before being retired in 1992. During its brief time in the spotlight, it managed to win three major events: The United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA) World Finals, Monster Jam World Finals, and USA Motorsports Championship (USAC). It was also featured in several magazines and even had a video game based on it released by Acclaim Entertainment.

However, despite all of this success, the Snake Bite went missing shortly after its retirement. Rumors began to swirl that it had been destroyed or sold off to an unknown buyer; however, no one could ever confirm what happened to the truck.

In recent years there has been renewed interest in finding out what happened to the Snake Bite. Fans have launched online petitions calling for an investigation into the truck’s disappearance while others have conducted their own searches in an effort to bring it back home.

However, despite all these efforts there still remains no definitive answer as to what happened to the Monster Truck Snake Bite.


What happened to the Monster Truck Snake Bite remains a mystery even today. Despite numerous attempts from fans and others trying to uncover what happened to it, nothing has come up so far. It is likely that we may never know what really happened to this iconic truck but until then we can only hope that one day we will find out.

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