What Happened to the Son of a Digger Monster Truck?

The Son of a Digger monster truck was once the most popular attraction at many monster truck events throughout the country. The truck, built by its owner, Richard “Big Daddy” Roth, was known for its unique design and impressive stunts.

Over the years it has been seen in movies, commercials and on television shows. It even had its own theme song.

The Son of a Digger’s popularity was short lived however, as the truck was retired from competition in 2014 after suffering a catastrophic engine failure during a show in Savannah, Georgia. After the accident, Big Daddy Roth decided to concentrate on other projects and sold the truck off to a private collector shortly after. Since then, there has been no news of what happened to it.

In 2017, rumors began circulating that the Son of a Digger had resurfaced and was being restored by an unnamed owner in Arizona. This sparked renewed interest in the iconic vehicle and speculation as to who may have bought it and what they were doing with it. However these rumors were never confirmed and no further information has been revealed.

Despite this lack of information, Big Daddy Roth still holds out hope that one day his beloved monster truck will find its way back into the spotlight. He remains optimistic that he will be reunited with his old friend some day soon.


What happened to the Son of a Digger monster truck remains a mystery but its former owner Richard “Big Daddy” Roth still has faith that it will one day return to its former glory. Until then, all we can do is wait and see if more information about this iconic vehicle is revealed.

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Karen Watkins