What Happened With the Tesla Semi Truck?

The Tesla Semi Truck has been a heavily anticipated vehicle since its announcement in 2017. It is an all-electric semi-truck, developed and manufactured by the electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla. The truck was designed to be more efficient and cost-effective than traditional diesel semi-trucks, and it promised to revolutionize the transportation industry.

However, since its announcement, the Tesla Semi Truck has not seen the production and commercialization that many had hoped. The truck has made appearances at various motor shows, but there have been no orders or deliveries as of yet.

The main reason for this is that the truck is still being developed. Despite its initial announcement in 2017, it is still undergoing rigorous testing to ensure its safety and efficiency before it can be released commercially.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has also stated that he expects the truck to enter production sometime in 2021.

Another factor that may be delaying the Tesla Semi Truck is cost. The estimated price of a Tesla Semi Truck is around $250,000 – making it considerably more expensive than most diesel semi trucks. This makes it difficult for companies who are already operating on tight budgets to make the switch to electric vehicles, even if they recognize their potential efficiency benefits.

Finally, there have been some reports of production issues with the Tesla Semi Truck, which have further delayed its commercialization. Rumors of battery issues have surfaced recently; however, these are unconfirmed by Tesla or any other reliable source at this time.

Overall, while there have been some delays with the Tesla Semi Truck’s commercialization process, progress is being made and it looks like it will enter production sometime in 2021. With increased testing for safety and efficiency as well as revised cost estimates for buyers, we can expect to see more orders for these trucks in the near future.

What Happened With The Tesla Semi Truck?

The Tesla Semi Truck has been heavily anticipated since its announcement in 2017; however, production and commercialization of this all-electric semi-truck are still being delayed due to ongoing development and testing for safety and efficiency as well as cost considerations for buyers. Despite these delays though, progress is being made and we can expect to see orders for these trucks entering production sometime in 2021.

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