What Happens to a Body When Hit by a Semi Truck?

The impact of a semi truck hitting a person can have catastrophic effects on the body. Depending on the speed of the truck, angle of impact, and other factors, the injuries sustained can range from minor to severe. When a person is hit by a semi truck, it’s not uncommon for them to suffer broken bones, internal organ damage, and serious head injuries.

The force of an 80,000-pound vehicle smashing into a human body is immense. When this happens, there is often extensive damage to the affected area. The force of the impact can cause bones to break and organs to be crushed or punctured.

Even if there are no broken bones, the victim may suffer rib fractures or contusions due to the force of the collision.

Head trauma is also common in cases like these. The head is particularly vulnerable in any crash involving a large vehicle such as a semi truck due to its size and weight. Even if there is no direct contact between the head and truck, the sudden force of impact can cause significant brain injury and traumatic brain injury.

Injuries sustained after being hit by a semi truck can have long-term consequences as well. Victims may experience chronic pain or disability due to their injuries. They may also struggle with depression or anxiety as they adjust to their new reality.

If you are ever involved in an accident with a large commercial vehicle like a semi truck, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately even if you don’t think you’re hurt badly at first. Injuries from these kinds of accidents can be difficult to detect at first but may worsen over time.


Being hit by a semi truck can have devastating effects on one’s body. It often leads to broken bones, internal organ damage, and serious head trauma that could potentially have long-term consequences such as chronic pain or disability. If someone is ever involved in this kind of accident it’s important that they seek medical attention right away in order to get properly treated for any potential injuries.

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