What Hot Wheels Monster Truck Is the Treasure Hunt?

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks have been popular with kids and adults alike since their introduction in the early 1970s. The Treasure Hunt series of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are highly sought after and feature some of the most iconic designs.

The original Treasure Hunt series was released in 1993, and each truck featured an eye-catching design, a unique paint job and a special feature. The trucks were made to look like genuine monster trucks, with oversized tires and chrome accents. Each truck was also numbered, so collectors could easily identify each individual model.

The most popular Treasure Hunt Monster Trucks are the Bigfoot 4x4x4, T-Rex Attack, Monster Jam and Grave Digger Series. The Bigfoot 4x4x4 is an iconic Hot Wheels design that features four oversized tires, a detailed grille and headlights, chrome accents and a unique paint job. The T-Rex Attack is another classic Hot Wheels design that features a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex head on top of the cab and oversized tires.

The Monster Jam Series is modeled after real monster trucks from the show’s history such as Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction. Finally, the Grave Digger Series features all of the signature details from Grave Digger as well as a unique paint job.

Regardless of which Hot Wheels Monster Truck you choose to add to your collection, they all have one thing in common: they are sure to be a hit with any collector or enthusiast! Whether you’re looking for an iconic design or something more contemporary, there’s sure to be a Hot Wheels Monster Truck that fits your taste!


What Hot Wheels Monster Truck Is the Treasure Hunt? All of them! The original series included classics such as the Bigfoot 4x4x4, T-Rex Attack and Grave Digger Series as well as newer releases such as Maximum Destruction from the Monster Jam Series. Whatever your preference may be, there’s sure to be a Hot Wheels Monster Truck that will make your collection stand out!

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