What Is a Camper That Sits in a Truck Bed Called?

A truck bed camper is a type of recreational vehicle that sits in the bed of a pickup truck. It is also sometimes referred to as a slide-in camper, pop-up camper, or cabover camper. Truck bed campers are the most affordable way to get out and explore the great outdoors without having to purchase an expensive motorhome or travel trailer.

Truck bed campers are designed to fit snugly into the truck’s bed. They can range from very basic models with only a sleeping area and minimal storage space to more elaborate models that include kitchenettes, bathrooms, and other amenities. Most truck bed campers also have exterior tie-down points for securing the unit when it is not in use.

When camping in a truck bed camper, it is important to consider the size of your vehicle and the amount of weight it can safely carry. You will also need to decide how much space you need inside your camper and what amenities you want included. Additionally, you will want to consider how much storage space is needed for any camping gear you may bring along.

One major advantage of using a truck bed camper is its ability to go off-road without needing additional equipment like heavy trailer hitches or additional tires. It can easily be driven on dirt roads and trails, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy exploring remote areas.


A truck bed camper is an affordable and easy way for anyone looking for an outdoor adventure to explore remote areas without investing in a large motorhome or travel trailer. It offers added convenience as it can be driven off-road and comes with various amenities depending on your budget and needs. With careful consideration given to size and weight capacity, a truck bed camper can be the perfect way to enjoy some time away from home.

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