What Is a Light Duty Tow Truck?

A light duty tow truck is a vehicle that is used to transport disabled or damaged vehicles. It has a specially designed platform that can be attached to a vehicle, allowing it to be towed to its destination.

The platform can be either a flatbed or an articulated arm, depending on the size and weight of the vehicle being towed. Light duty tow trucks are typically smaller than the heavier-duty versions and are often used for short-distance towing.

The primary purpose of these light-duty trucks is to transport vehicles that have become disabled due to mechanical failure or an accident. They can also be used for transporting vehicles in cases where the owner does not want them driven on public roads, such as when moving from one location to another. With a light duty tow truck, even small or lightweight vehicles can be safely transported.

Light duty tow trucks generally use either a winch system or a boom arm to attach the disabled vehicle securely onto the bed of the truck. The winch system involves attaching chains, straps, and cables around the vehicle that connect it to the truck’s bed frame. The boom arm is an articulated arm with adjustable support arms that attach the vehicle directly onto the bed of the truck.

Light duty tow trucks are designed with safety features in mind. All of these features are designed to protect both you and your vehicle from harm while it is being towed away. These features include brakes, lights, mirrors, reflective strips and other safety components.


A light duty tow truck is an essential tool for anyone who needs to transport their disabled or damaged vehicle safely and securely. Its design features help make sure that both you and your vehicle remain safe during transportation. Light duty tow trucks are typically smaller than heavier-duty versions and are mostly used for short-distance trips.

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