What Is a Mid-Roof on a Semi Truck?

A mid-roof semi truck is a type of truck where the cab of the vehicle is slightly raised from the average cab height. The mid-roof design allows for additional headroom and storage space inside the cab.

This extra space can be used to store tools, supplies, and other equipment needed while on the job. Mid-roof trucks are especially useful for those who need to transport tall loads that would not fit inside a regular cab.

The design of a mid-roof semi truck also makes it easier to access engine components, as well as components located in the rear of the truck. Many mid-roof trucks have sliding doors on either side that provide easy entry and exit from the driver’s seat. This design helps keep drivers safe while they are working and increases their efficiency by providing better access to their cargo.

Mid-roof semi trucks come in various sizes and configurations depending on what type of loads they will be transporting. The most common type of mid-roof semi truck is a day cab, which consists of only one sleeper berth and no additional storage space inside the cabin. These day cabs are ideal for short distances, as they do not require extended stops due to their limited storage capacity.

Longer trips can benefit from a more spacious mid-roof semi truck such as a sleeper cab. These cabs include two or more beds for resting during long hauls. Sleeper cabs also typically feature extra storage compartments for tools and other supplies needed during long trips.


A mid-roof semi truck provides added headroom, easier engine access, and increased safety for drivers when transporting tall loads or making long hauls. Mid-roof designs come in various sizes and configurations depending on what type of loads they will be transporting, making them an ideal choice for many different types of jobs.

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