What Is a Midsize Pickup Truck?

Midsize pickup trucks offer drivers the perfect combination of size, performance, and capability. These trucks are great for those who need to haul cargo but don’t want the cost and fuel efficiency of a full-size truck.

Whether you’re hauling tools, camping gear, or just groceries, a midsize pickup truck can get the job done.

Midsize pickup trucks typically have a standard bed size of about five to six feet long. This is plenty of room for most hauling needs, although you may need to opt for an extended cab version if you have larger items to transport.

The payload capacity of midsize pickups varies from model to model. Some models can handle up to 1,500 pounds of cargo, while others can only manage around 500 pounds.

Midsize pickups are usually powered by four- or six-cylinder engines and feature either rear-wheel or four-wheel drive configurations. This makes them perfect for tackling rough terrain and even light off-roading. Many models also feature optional features such as power steering, cruise control, and air conditioning.

The price range of midsize pickup trucks is quite broad. You can find models that start around $20,000 and go all the way up to $50,000 or more depending on features and trim levels. Midsize pickups tend to be more affordable than full-size models but still offer good value for money.


Midsize pickup trucks are an excellent choice for those who need a vehicle that offers good payload capacity without sacrificing performance or fuel economy. These vehicles come in a variety of styles and prices so you’re sure to find one that fits your budget and hauling needs perfectly.

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