What Is a Pickup Truck Called in the UK?

Pickup trucks, also known as light commercial vehicles (LCVs), are a popular choice in the UK for those who need a reliable and robust form of transport. These vehicles are usually used for carrying heavy loads, such as construction materials or farm produce, and they can also be used for everyday tasks such as taking the family to the beach or transporting camping gear.

Pickup trucks are relatively new to the UK, but they have become increasingly popular over the last decade. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some models capable of seating up to six people. They also typically feature four-wheel drive capabilities and powerful engines, making them ideal for off-roading or even towing larger items.

In the UK, pickup trucks are often referred to as ‘utes’ or ‘utilities.’ This is an abbreviation of ‘utility vehicle,’ which essentially means that it is a vehicle designed for carrying a lot of cargo or passengers. Utes come in both two-door and four-door models, and some models have been designed with an extended cab which allows for extra storage space.


When it comes to reliable transportation in the UK, pickup trucks are an increasingly popular choice. These vehicles can be referred to as utes or utilities due to their ability to carry large amounts of cargo or passengers.

Thanks to their four-wheel drive capabilities and powerful engines, they can also be used for off-roading activities or towing larger items.

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