What Is a Pickup Truck With Four Rear Wheels?

Pickup trucks with four rear wheels, commonly referred to as ‘dually’ trucks, are a unique type of vehicle that can be used for diverse purposes. These vehicles have four rear wheels instead of the typical two, which makes them well-suited for a variety of tasks such as towing and hauling heavy loads. Dually trucks also provide better traction and stability than two-wheel drive vehicles.

The extra set of rear wheels found on dually trucks is connected to a powerful engine, often times a V6 or V8. This combination allows the truck to have greater hauling capacity and more power when compared to other types of vehicles.

Additionally, the extra set of wheels provides better control over the load being towed or hauled. This can be especially beneficial when driving in muddy or wet conditions.

The Benefits Of A Dually Truck:

  • Improved Towing Capacity
  • Improved Stability
  • Increased Traction

Due to the added weight and size, dually trucks provide improved stability over two-wheel drive vehicles when towing large loads. The extra set of wheels also provides increased traction that is essential for maneuvering in slick conditions such as rain or snow. The improved traction from the four-wheel drive system helps reduce tire slippage and offers better control over your load.

Maintenance And Cost Considerations:

  • Higher Maintenance Costs
  • Expensive Fuel Consumption

Although they offer many benefits, dually trucks come with some drawbacks as well. Due to their increased size and weight, they require more fuel than regular pickup trucks.

This can lead to higher fuel costs and may not be an ideal choice if you are trying to save money on fuel expenses. Additionally, due to their complex design, they require more frequent maintenance than traditional two-wheel drive vehicles.


Pickup trucks with four rear wheels are ideal for those who need a vehicle that can tow large loads safely and securely. The extra set of wheels provides increased stability and traction which makes them well suited for wet or slippery conditions. However, these vehicles come with higher fuel costs and require more maintenance due to their complex design.

What Is A Pickup Truck With Four Rear Wheels?

A pickup truck with four rear wheels is a unique type of vehicle that has an additional set of rear wheels compared to traditional two-wheel drive pickups. These dually trucks offer improved stability when hauling heavy loads as well as increased traction in wet or slippery conditions.

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