What Is a Standard Tow Truck Called?

A standard tow truck is an indispensable tool used by towing companies, law enforcement and emergency responders. It is a large-scale vehicle that is designed to lift, transport and haul away disabled or damaged vehicles from one location to another. Tow trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with many specialized features that make them ideal for a variety of tasks.

The most common type of tow truck is the flatbed tow truck, which consists of a flat bed mounted onto the back of a vehicle.

This type of tow truck is used for transporting vehicles that have been damaged in an accident, or those that have mechanical issues such as flat tires or overheating engines. Flatbed tow trucks are also used for hauling heavy equipment such as boats and construction materials. Another type of tow truck is the wheel-lift tow truck, which uses hydraulic arms to lift the front or rear wheels off the ground so that the vehicle can be pulled onto the bed. This type of truck is often used for light-duty jobs such as repossessing cars or transporting recreational vehicles.

Tow Trucks Are an Essential Tool

Tow trucks are essential in helping mange traffic congestion by safely removing disabled vehicles from highways and roads. They can also aid in rescuing people who are trapped inside their cars after a crash or other emergency situation. In addition, they are also frequently used to transport large items that would be too difficult to transport with regular cars or trucks.

What Is a Standard Tow Truck Called?

A standard tow truck is commonly referred to as either a flatbed tow truck or wheel-lift tow truck depending on its design and purpose. Both types of trucks are essential tools for those who need reliable transportation services.


In conclusion, a standard tow truck is an incredibly useful tool for those who need reliable transportation services for their vehicles, equipment, and other goods. It comes in two main varieties: the flatbed tow truck and wheel-lift tow truck, both of which have their own specific benefits when it comes to hauling items from one place to another.

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