What Is a Stepside Bed on Truck?

A stepside bed on a truck is a type of truck bed that has been around since the 1930s. It was originally designed to give drivers extra space for hauling items, especially when space was limited. The bed is made up of two sides that are slightly curved inwards and a flat bottom. The sides are then connected by a step at the back, hence the name “stepside.” This design allows items to be easily loaded and unloaded from either side of the truck.

The stepside bed design increases the safety of loading and unloading from a pickup truck as there is no need to climb into the back of the vehicle, making it less likely for accidents to occur. It also offers better access for loading and unloading larger items as there is more space due to the curved sides.

Another benefit of the stepside bed design is that it gives trucks an old-fashioned look which can be appealing to some buyers.

In addition to providing extra storage space, stepside beds can also be used for customizing a truck with features such as toolboxes, hiding compartments, and even bike racks. There are also many accessories available such as mud flaps, chrome trims, running boards, and cargo nets that can further customize your vehicle and provide additional protection from road debris and other hazards.

Whether you’re looking for extra storage or just wanting to customize your truck with an old-fashioned look, a stepside bed can provide an excellent solution. With its increased safety features and customizability options, it’s no wonder why this design has been so popular since its inception in the 1930s.

Conclusion: What Is a Stepside Bed on Truck? A stepside bed on a truck is an old-fashioned style of truck bed that offers increased safety features when loading or unloading items from either side of the vehicle. It also provides extra storage space and customizable options such as toolboxes and bike racks for personalizing a vehicle.

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