What Is a Tow Package on a Truck?

What Is a Tow Package on a Truck?

Towing is a popular activity for those who own trucks. It allows you to haul large loads from one place to another and is especially helpful when it comes to moving heavy items like boats, trailers, or campers.

A tow package is an add-on option that can be included with your truck when you purchase it or added later on. It will include features like a hitch receiver, trailer wiring harness, trailer brakes and other components that are necessary for safe and reliable towing.

A tow package usually includes a hitch receiver, which is the part of the truck that attaches the trailer to the vehicle. This part has several different classes that are based on the weight capacity of the vehicle and trailer combined. The hitch receiver will also have specific mounting points where safety chains can be attached in order to secure the trailer to the truck.

The trailer wiring harness connects the truck’s electrical system with the trailer’s electrical system so that lights, brakes, and other signals can be sent back and forth between them. The harness includes a plug at one end for connecting with the truck’s electrical system and several sockets at the other end for connecting with different types of trailers. This ensures that whatever type of trailer you have can be connected properly without having to make any additional modifications.

Additionally, many tow packages include trailer brakes so that when you need to stop quickly or slow down gradually on steep grades, your truck won’t have to do all of the work by itself. Trailer brakes are usually activated by pressing down on either the brake pedal or a separate brake controller located in your vehicle’s interior.

Other components may also be included depending on what type of tow package you choose but these are some of the most common features found in them. With these features installed on your truck you will have all of the equipment necessary for reliable and safe towing regardless of what type of load you are hauling or where you are taking it.


A tow package is an add-on option for trucks that provides all of the necessary components for safe and reliable towing such as a hitch receiver, wiring harness, and trailer brakes among others. With these features installed on your vehicle you will be able to tow heavy loads from one place to another without having any worries about breaking down or not being able to stop quickly enough if needed.

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