What Is a Tow Truck Rollback?

A tow truck rollback is a specialized towing vehicle with a flatbed-style bed. This type of tow truck is most commonly used in situations where the vehicle to be towed is either too large, too heavy or unable to move under its own power.

Rollbacks are also often used for hauling damaged vehicles away from accident sites and for transporting disabled vehicles to repair shops.

The rollback tow truck has a flat, open-deck body that can be hydraulically inclined at an angle and rolled back onto the ground behind the cab. This allows for easy loading of vehicles onto the platform from the front or rear.

The flatbed can also be adjusted from side to side, allowing for easier maneuvering around tight spaces like garages and parking lots.

The main advantage of a rollback tow truck is that it can haul large and heavy vehicles without having to use a dolly or trailer hitch. This greatly reduces wear and tear on the towed vehicle’s suspension system, as well as reducing the risk of damage caused by dragging on bumpy roads. It also enables drivers to provide safer transportation of cars with low ground clearance, such as sports cars, without fear of scraping against the ground.

Rollback trucks come in a variety of sizes and styles depending on their intended application. Some models feature a wheel-lift system that can be used in place of the flatbed, while others may have an extended boom arm with winch capabilities for extra lifting power. They may also be equipped with additional features like work lights and toolboxes.


A tow truck rollback is an essential piece of equipment for any towing company or individual who needs to transport large or disabled vehicles safely and efficiently. With its adjustable flatbed platform and wheel-lifting capabilities, it provides easy loading onto the bed from any angle while reducing wear and tear on towed vehicles’ suspension systems at the same time.

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