What Is a Track System on a Truck Bed?

A track system on a truck bed is a type of mounting system that allows you to easily add and remove accessories without the need for drilling or other permanent modifications. The track system consists of two or more aluminum tracks that run along the side walls of the truck bed, with mounting holes spaced at regular intervals.

Accessories such as bed rails, tie-downs, and cargo baskets can then be mounted onto the tracks using special mounting hardware. This makes it easy to customize your truck bed to suit your needs and allows you to quickly switch out accessories as needed.

Track systems are typically made from either aluminum or steel and come in various lengths to match the size of the truck bed. They can be mounted directly onto the side walls of the truck bed or use brackets that attach to existing holes in the side walls.

Once installed, they provide a secure mounting point for any accessories you choose to mount onto them. The tracks are also designed with drain channels underneath them which helps keep water out of any cargo stored in your truck bed. Additionally, they also provide a more streamlined look than traditional mounted accessories.

One of the major benefits of using a track system is that it eliminates having to drill into your truck bed which can reduce its structural integrity over time. Additionally, since most track systems require no permanent modifications, they can be easily removed when changing out trucks or when selling your current vehicle. This makes them ideal for those who frequently switch vehicles or who plan on reselling their current vehicle in the future.

When shopping for a track system, it’s important to make sure that you purchase one that is compatible with your particular make and model of vehicle as well as with any accessories you plan on mounting onto it. Additionally, make sure to take measurements so that you can select one that fits properly in your truck bed and provides enough room for all of your desired accessories.


A track system on a truck bed is an easy way to customize your vehicle without needing any permanent modifications. It provides secure mounting points for cargo baskets and other accessories while also protecting against water damage from rain and snow buildup. Make sure to select one compatible with your specific make and model as well as taking measurements so that it fits properly in your truck bed before purchasing.

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