What Is a Truck Bed Cap Called?

A truck bed cap, also known as a camper shell, is an accessory that is placed over the truck bed of a pickup truck. It offers protection from the elements and provides additional security for cargo stored in the bed.

The primary purpose of a truck bed cap is to provide a weather-resistant covering for the truck bed and its contents. This helps to protect the interior of the vehicle from rain, dust, and other debris.

The typical design of a truck bed cap consists of two side panels that connect at the front and back. The side panels are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass, but some models may be made from other materials as well.

Most models include sliding windows on one or both sides for ventilation and easy access to cargo stored in the bed. Some models also come with added features such as toolboxes for storage and rubber mats for extra cushioning.

Truck bed caps are available in many different sizes and styles to fit most makes and models of pickup trucks. They can be found in both standard and custom shapes to ensure proper fitment on your vehicle. The most popular style is called a “shell” cap, which completely covers the entire truck bed area.

Installing a truck bed cap can be relatively straightforward depending on the model you choose. Most standard shells simply require basic mounting hardware such as screws or bolts, while some custom-fit models may require more complex installation.

The benefits offered by a truck bed cap are numerous. They help to protect your valuable cargo from theft or other damage while providing ventilation when needed. They also help keep the interior of your vehicle clean by blocking out dust, dirt, and other debris.

What Is A Truck Bed Cap Called?

A truck bed cap is typically referred to as a camper shell or shell cap. It is designed to offer protection from the elements while providing additional security for any cargo stored in your pickup’s bed area. With various sizes and styles available on the market today, it’s easy to find one that fits perfectly on your vehicle.

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