What Is a Truck Bed Enclosure Called?

A truck bed enclosure, also known as a cab-high cover, is an accessory designed to protect cargo in the back of a pickup truck from the elements and from theft. It typically consists of a hard plastic or metal shell that fits over the bed of the truck, with a hinged door or tailgate for access. The enclosure usually has weatherproof seals around the edges to protect items from rain and wind.

The benefit of using a truck bed enclosure is that it keeps items safe and secure inside your vehicle, even when parked in public places. It also helps reduce drag on the truck by providing aerodynamic protection from wind and helps to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, enclosures can add style and improve resale value by creating a customized look for your vehicle.

When shopping for an enclosure, it’s important to consider factors like size, material, construction quality, ease of installation and maintenance requirements. If you’re looking for extra security, locks are available with some models; however these will add additional cost to the purchase price. Other features may include windows for improved visibility or tinted glass for privacy.


A truck bed enclosure is an accessory designed to protect cargo in the back of pickup trucks from theft and weather damage while improving fuel efficiency. When shopping for an enclosure, consider size, material quality, installation requirements and locks if extra security is desired. The right enclosure can add style to your pickup while enhancing its resale value.

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