What Is a Truck Bed Stake Pocket?

A truck bed stake pocket is a small metal bracket that is installed inside the bed of a truck. It is used to secure items in the bed of a truck, such as rope, straps, and cargo nets.

The pocket is usually made of steel or aluminum and usually features two holes for screws to hold it in place. It is typically found on medium-duty and heavy-duty pickups, although some light-duty models also have them.

The main purpose of a truck bed stake pocket is to provide a secure anchor point for items that need to be tied down in the back of a pickup. The pocket can also be used to attach bungee cords or cargo nets for additional security. Items such as stowable toolboxes and larger containers can also be secured using the pockets.

Installing a truck bed stake pocket is very simple; most models come with pre-drilled holes that allow it to be easily attached to the side walls of the truck bed. Once attached, it should remain securely in place until it needs to be removed. Some models come with removable caps that allow access to the interior of the pocket without having to remove the entire bracket.


A Truck Bed Stake Pocket is an important component when it comes to securing items in the back of your pickup truck. It provides an anchor point for straps, bungee cords, and cargo nets – helping you keep your valuables safe and secure. Installing them takes only minutes and they provide years of dependable use.

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