What Is a Truck Bed Topper Called?

A truck bed topper is an aftermarket accessory designed to cover and protect the open bed of a pickup truck. Popularly known as a truck cap, camper shell, or shell, these accessories offer both aesthetic and functional benefits for truck owners. Truck bed toppers come in a range of styles and materials, from sleek fiberglass designs to durable aluminum shells.

Aesthetically speaking, a truck bed topper can give any pickup a stylish makeover. Many models feature aerodynamic designs that greatly improve the look of the vehicle, while also improving fuel efficiency. Truck bed toppers are available with accents such as chrome trim and tinted windows, allowing owners to customize the look of their vehicle.

In terms of function, a truck bed topper offers many benefits. First and foremost is protection from the elements.

Rain and snow can cause damage to unprotected cargo in the bed of a pickup over time, but when covered with a shell this damage is eliminated. Similarly, installing a shell on the back of your truck helps protect it against theft by providing an extra layer of security that would-be thieves must breach before gaining access to your gear or tools stored in the back of your vehicle.

Truck bed toppers come in many sizes and styles, so it’s easy for any pickup owner to find one that works for them. As you shop for one it’s important to consider factors such as price point, material type (fiberglass or aluminum), shape (aerodynamic or flat-top), size (smaller shells typically fit compact trucks while larger ones fit full-size pickups) and color (available colors vary depending on the manufacturer).

In conclusion, what is a truck bed topper called? It’s called many things including a truck cap, camper shell or simply “shell”; popularly known as an aftermarket accessory designed to cover and protect the open bed of a pickup truck. With its stylish design and functional benefits like weather protection and theft prevention, installing a truck bed top can be an excellent way for pickup owners to upgrade their ride.

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