What Is a Truck Called With No Bed?

A truck without a bed is referred to as a “cab and chassis”. This type of truck is used primarily for carrying cargo in an enclosed box or container. The cab and chassis are the two main parts of the truck, the cab being the driver’s compartment and the chassis being the frame and suspension system.

The cab of a cab and chassis will differ from other trucks in that there is no bed present. Instead, it will feature a flat deck behind the cab area that can be used for mounting various types of cargo containers. These containers can range from large shipping containers to smaller enclosed boxes.

The chassis of a cab and chassis is designed to support both the weight of cargo containers and whatever load they are carrying. The design of this type of truck allows for flexibility when it comes to how much cargo can be carried at one time. This makes them ideal for transporting goods over long distances, as they can easily accommodate large loads without having to worry about overloading the vehicle.

The benefit of using this type of truck is that it offers more protection than an open-bed truck would provide. Cargo is much less likely to suffer damage while in transit due to bad weather or road conditions because it is contained within an enclosed box or container. This also makes them more suitable for hauling goods across international borders, as goods are better protected against theft or damage while in transit.

Cab and chassis trucks are available in both diesel and gasoline engine options, depending on what kind of engine power you need for your particular application. They also come in various sizes, which makes them suitable for different types of jobs, from hauling small loads locally to transporting large loads on long-distance trips.

In conclusion, a truck without a bed is known as a “cab and chassis”, which is commonly used for transporting cargo over long distances in an enclosed box or container for added protection against bad weather or road conditions, as well as theft or damage while in transit.

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