What Is a Truck Camper Called in Australia?

Truck campers are an increasingly popular way to explore the Australian Outback, offering a unique blend of on and off-road capability. Unlike caravans, which are usually mounted onto trailers, truck campers are mounted directly onto a truck chassis, giving them greater stability and a lower centre of gravity. Truck campers are also more accessible than caravans, allowing for better maneuverability in tight spaces.

Truck campers offer many of the amenities found in caravans such as sleeping quarters, kitchenettes and bathrooms. However, they also have some unique features that make them ideal for off-road exploration.

These features include larger tires with more ground clearance, more powerful engines, and increased storage space for camping supplies. In addition to being great for off-roading, truck campers can also be used as base camps for those venturing out into the wilderness.

In Australia, truck campers are commonly referred to as campervans or slide-on campers. Campervans are self-contained motorized vehicles that feature all the amenities needed for camping trips.

Slide-on campers are a variation of truck camper that is mounted onto a flatbed truck or pick up truck chassis. These types of vehicles offer increased storage space and maneuverability.

Truck campers have become increasingly popular in Australia due to their versatility and ability to access areas that other recreational vehicles cannot reach. They provide an affordable way to explore the Outback while still providing all the creature comforts of home. Whether you’re looking for an off-road adventure or just a comfortable place to stay while travelling around Australia, a truck camper is sure to suit your needs.


In Australia, truck campers are commonly known as campervans or slide on campers due to their versatility and ability to access areas that other recreational vehicles can’t reach.

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