What Is a Truck Stepside Bed?

A truck stepside bed is a type of truck bed that features two sides with an angled step leading up to the top of the bed. The stepside design provides more room and access from the side of the truck, making it easier to load and unload cargo. It is a popular style of bed for both commercial and recreational use, as it offers a great deal of versatility.

The stepside design has been around for decades and continues to be used in different types of trucks today. The design is particularly popular in pick-up trucks, where it is often referred to as a “flare side” or “step side” bed. It is also used in some cargo van models, though these are less common than pick-up trucks.

The advantages of a stepside bed are numerous. For one, it provides more space than traditional flatbeds due to its stepped shape.

This extra space can be used for larger-sized cargo items or even additional passengers if needed. Additionally, the side steps make loading and unloading cargo much easier than with traditional flatbeds since you can access them from either side of the truck without having to climb over the tailgate or struggle to reach items that are out of reach from the ground level.

Stepside beds also come with several safety features that make them more secure than traditional flatbeds. They often feature built-in headboards for extra protection against shifting cargo and sliding objects off the back end. In addition, many models include tie-down points on each end for securement straps and other accessories that help keep your items safe during transport.

Overall, a truck stepside bed offers plenty of benefits for those looking for increased storage options and ease-of-use in their vehicles. Whether you’re using it for work or leisure purposes, you can rest assured knowing your cargo will remain secure during transit thanks to its unique design.


A truck stepside bed offers many advantages over traditional flatbeds due to its stepped shape and additional safety features such as headboards and tie down points on each end.

This type of bed provides increased storage options while also making loading and unloading easier than ever before. Whether used for work or leisure purposes, a truck stepside bed is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maximize their vehicle’s usability.

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