What Is a Wig-Wag on a Semi Truck?

When it comes to semi trucks, a wig-wag is an important safety feature that helps alert other drivers of the truck’s presence. A wig-wag is a light that is mounted on the back of a semi truck and has two rotating lights that flash alternately. This flashing pattern helps draw attention to the truck and can help prevent accidents.

The wig-wag was first developed in the 1970s and has since become an industry standard for semi trucks. It consists of two separate lights that are mounted onto the back of the truck and connected to a 12-volt power source. The lights rotate rapidly in opposite directions, creating a distinctive flashing pattern that’s easily recognizable by other drivers on the road.

The wig-wag is designed to provide additional visibility for semi-trucks, which can often be difficult to see due to their large size and slow speed. By drawing attention to the truck, it can help prevent accidents caused by other drivers not being able to see it in time or not being aware of its presence on the road.

In addition to providing an extra layer of visibility for semi-trucks, wig-wags also serve as a warning signal for drivers who may be approaching too quickly or otherwise may be unaware of the presence of a large vehicle on the road ahead. The flashing pattern of the wig-wag can help alert other drivers to slow down or take caution when approaching a semi truck from behind.

Wig-wags are legally required in many states for semi trucks over 10,000 lbs., and some states also require them for all commercial vehicles over 80 inches wide. In addition, many states also require all commercial vehicles over 80 inches wide to have at least one headlight illuminated at all times when driving at night, so having an active wig-wag helps ensure this requirement is met as well.

Overall, wig-wags are an important safety feature on semi trucks that helps make them more visible on the road and reduce the risk of accidents involving these large vehicles. Not only do they help alert other drivers of their presence, but they also serve as a warning signal when approaching from behind too quickly or otherwise being unaware of their presence on the road ahead.
In conclusion, what is a wig-wag on a semi truck?

A wig-wag is an important safety feature found on many semi trucks which consists of two separate rotating lights mounted onto the back of the vehicle that flash alternately in order to draw attention and reduce accidents caused by other motorists not noticing them in time or being unaware they were present while driving near them. Wig-wags are legally required in many states and are an essential part of keeping semi trucks safe while they travel across roads and highways around America every day.

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