What Is Dragonoid That Monster Truck?

Monster truck fans have been captivated by the enormous size and power of Dragonoid, the monster truck that’s been crushing obstacles and tearing up tracks since its inception in 2018. The imposing vehicle stands at 12 feet tall and weighs a massive 10,000 pounds – that’s nearly five times heavier than a full-size pickup truck.

The gargantuan tires measure an impressive 66” on the rear and 64” on the front, providing enough traction to tackle any terrain or obstacle.

Under the hood, Dragonoid packs an 800 horsepower engine capable of producing a maximum speed of up to 120 miles per hour. The beefed-up powertrain is also equipped with an all-wheel drive system for added control in slippery conditions.

The big truck is equipped with a special suspension system that ensures it can handle even the toughest jumps without breaking down. It’s also fitted with hydraulic brakes that allow it to come to a complete stop in just seconds.


Dragonoid is built for safety as well as performance. It features a roll cage made from reinforced steel tubing for extra protection in case of a rollover or collision. All of its components are designed to meet strict safety standards set by the National Hot Rod Association.


Dragonoid has proven itself time and time again on tracks around the world. Its powerful engine gives it plenty of speed while its oversized tires provide plenty of grip on any surface. Its suspension system allows it to take huge jumps without damaging itself or its driver.


What Is Dragonoid That Monster Truck? It is an immense beast of a vehicle, weighing in at 10,000 pounds and standing 12 feet tall.

Powered by an 800 horsepower engine, it has enough power to reach speeds up to 120 mph, while its oversized tires ensure traction on any terrain or obstacle. It is built for safety as well as performance and has proven itself time and time again on tracks around the world.

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