What Is the Average Cost of a Truck Bed Cover?

Truck bed covers keep your cargo, tools, and equipment safe from the elements while you’re on the road. They also help keep your truck looking great. But what is the average cost of a truck bed cover?

The cost of a truck bed cover varies widely depending on the type of cover you choose. Soft covers, such as those made from vinyl or canvas, are typically the most affordable option and can range in price from around $200 to $800.

Hard covers, such as those made from fiberglass or aluminum, are more expensive and can range anywhere from around $500 to upwards of $2,000. The exact price depends on the size of your truck bed and the features you’d like included with your cover.

Aside from the type of material used for your truck bed cover, there are also several other factors that will affect its cost. Truck bed covers come in several different styles, such as roll-up covers, folding covers, and retractable covers.

Each style offers different benefits and features that will affect its price tag. Additionally, some brands offer additional features that can add to the overall cost of your truck bed cover. These may include things like remote-controlled openers or integrated lighting systems that allow you to easily access your cargo at night.

The best way to determine what type of truck bed cover is right for you is to research different types and styles available on the market today and compare prices among different brands. You should also consider any additional features or accessories you may want included with your purchase when budgeting for a truck bed cover.


In conclusion, the average cost of a truck bed cover varies significantly depending on several factors including material type, style choice and additional features desired. Prices can range anywhere from around $200 for basic soft covers up to over $2,000 for hard covers with all the bells and whistles. To find out what type of truck bed cover best fits both your needs and budget it is important to do thorough research prior to making a purchase decision.

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