What Is the Average Tow Truck Cost Per Mile?

Tow truck costs per mile can vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle being towed and the distance the tow truck must travel. For example, if a car needs to be towed from one location to another, the cost may range from $50 to $150 per mile. If a large truck or trailer needs towing, the cost may be higher.

The tow truck’s size and weight capacity will affect price as well.

Additional factors that can influence tow truck costs per mile include the time of day, availability of local tow companies, waiting lines for tows and potential add-on fees for special services such as winching or removal of debris from the roadway. If you need your vehicle towed in an emergency situation, you may have to pay more for faster service.

The condition of your vehicle can also determine how much you pay for a tow. If it is not running and needs extra attention from the tow company, you could end up paying more than a standard flatbed tow. The size and type of vehicle being towed will also affect the price; some types require special equipment or extra labor.

It is important to do some research before hiring a tow company in order to get an accurate idea of what your specific job might cost. Most reputable companies will provide quotes over the phone so that customers understand their pricing ahead of time. Be sure to ask questions about any additional fees that could be added on later.


When it comes to determining what the average cost is per mile for a tow truck service, there are many factors at play that can influence this price drastically such as distance traveled, size/type of vehicle being towed, time of day and condition of said vehicle. It is important to do research in advance and ask questions if necessary so that customers are aware of all potential costs associated with their job ahead of time.

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