What Is the Back Part of a Truck Bed Called?

The back part of a truck bed is referred to as the tailgate. The tailgate is typically a metal panel made from aluminum or steel that hinges at the bottom and latches at the top.

It is used to cover the back of a truck bed and keep cargo secure when transporting items in the bed of the truck.

The tailgate has several different functions and can be used in various ways, depending on the purpose of its use. It can be used as a shield against dust, dirt, and debris while hauling items.

It can also be used as an additional support for bigger loads to ensure they don’t shift while driving or during transport. It also provides added security while hauling large items such as furniture or other bulky cargo.

An important aspect of the tailgate is its ability to quickly open and close without having to unload any cargo first. This makes loading and unloading much quicker and more efficient than other methods such as manually lifting items out of the bed or using ramps. Tailgates are designed with convenience in mind, allowing for easy access to whatever you’re hauling.

Tailgates come in many different sizes. They are available for both short-bed and long-bed trucks, with each size allowing for more or less space in the back of the truck bed depending on what you’re hauling. Depending on your needs, there are also options available that feature different types of latches or hinges.

Tailgates are an essential part of any pickup truck owner’s toolkit and should be considered when purchasing a new truck. They provide added security while transporting items, help save time when loading and unloading cargo, and come in various sizes to accommodate any size load.

In conclusion, what is the back part of a truck bed called? The answer is the tailgate – a metal panel that hinges at the bottom and latches at the top in order to cover up the back end of a truck bed. Tailgates come in various sizes to accommodate different size loads, provide extra security when transporting larger items, and make loading/unloading much easier by quickly opening/closing without having to move any cargo first.

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