What Is the Bar in the Bed of a Truck Called?

The bar in the bed of a truck is called a headache rack. This is an important addition to any truck, helping to keep items in the bed of the truck secure and protected. The headache rack is attached to the top of the bed and typically runs across it, providing protection from items that may be loaded in the back.

Headache racks are made from a variety of materials, such as steel, aluminum and even plastic. Steel racks are usually more expensive but also provide more protection from impacts, while aluminum racks tend to be lighter but may not offer as much protection. Plastic racks are typically the least expensive but also offer less protection than other materials.

Headache racks come in many different styles and designs, allowing for customization to fit almost any truck’s needs. Some common styles include open-air racks which allow for easy access to items stored in the bed; mesh-style racks which provide an open view of what is stored in the bed; and full-coverage racks which offer total protection from objects falling into or out of the bed.

No matter what type of rack you choose, they all have one thing in common: they help keep your cargo secure while you move down the road. Headache racks can be used for many purposes such as carrying ladders or other long objects that would otherwise be difficult to transport safely; keeping hazardous materials away from passengers; or preventing items from sliding around in transit.

In addition to providing protection for cargo and passengers, headache racks can also add a unique look to your truck’s exterior. Many come with custom finishes that can add an extra touch of style or even help protect against rust and corrosion.

The bar in the bed of a truck is called a headache rack and is an important addition to any truck owner’s arsenal of accessories. With its ability to provide safety, security and style all at once, it’s no wonder why these handy accessories are so popular among drivers everywhere!

Conclusion: A headache rack is an essential element for any pickup truck owner looking for extra security and style when transporting cargo or long objects down the road. It helps keep dangerous objects away from passengers while also providing a unique look that can add extra flair to your vehicle’s exterior.

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