What Is the Bed Door Called on a Truck?

The bed door on a truck is an important part of the truck’s design, and it is also known as the tailgate. The tailgate is typically located at the rear of the truck and provides access to the bed of the truck.

It can also be used as a makeshift table or workspace, or even as a makeshift seating area for passengers. There are several different types of tailgates available for trucks, depending on the make and model.

The most common type of tailgate is the “flip-up” style, which allows you to open and close it from either side of the vehicle. This type of tailgate is popular among pickup trucks because it allows easy access to the bed without having to remove any parts from inside the cab. These tailgates are usually made out of metal or plastic and have several moving parts, including hinges and locks.

Another type of tailgate is called a “roll-up” style. This type has two panels that can be rolled up or down depending on how much access you need to the bed area.

This type typically comes standard with some pickup trucks but can also be purchased as an aftermarket accessory for other models. The roll-up style has fewer moving parts than flip-up style, so it is usually easier to operate and maintain.

The last type of tailgate that you may come across is called a “drop-down” style. This type has two panels that drop down from the top of the truck, making it easy to load items into or out of the bed area without having to climb over anything. Drop-down styles are typically made out of metal and may have several locking mechanisms in place for added security.

No matter which type you choose, all bed doors on a truck serve one essential purpose – providing safe and convenient access to your cargo area while also keeping your items secure when not in use. All three types have their own unique advantages, so make sure you take time to research each before making your decision on which one best suits your needs.


In conclusion, ‘What Is The Bed Door Called On A Truck?’ – It is commonly referred to as a “tailgate,” and there are three main types available: flip-up, roll-up, and drop-down styles – each with their own unique advantages for providing safe access to your cargo area while also keeping it secure when not in use.

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