What Is the Bed of a Truck Door Called?

The bed of a truck door is an important part of every pickup truck. It is the area that holds the cargo and can be accessed from the side or back of the vehicle.

The bed of a truck door is also referred to as a tailgate.

The tailgate is usually made from steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. It’s designed to provide strength and security for whatever goods are being transported in the bed of a truck. The tailgate also serves as an extension of the pickup truck’s body, providing protection from weather and other elements while goods are being loaded and unloaded.

The tailgate can also be outfitted with various accessories such as toolboxes, tie-downs, racks, ladders, toppers, and covers. All these items help to secure goods in place while they’re being transported.


Some basic tools are needed to open and close the tailgate. A key is used to unlock it from the outside, while a handle on the inside is used for opening it up. If your truck has a power lift system installed then you won’t require any tools to open up or close your tailgate.


It’s important to ensure that your tailgate is properly secured when transporting goods in the back of your pickup truck. This means making sure that all locks and latches are secure before leaving your vehicle unattended.


So what exactly is the bed of a truck door called? It’s officially known as a tailgate – but it can also be referred to simply as ‘the back of a pickup’ depending on who you ask! It’s an important part of any pickup truck since it provides access to cargo, protection against weather and other elements, and can be outfitted with various accessories such as toolboxes, tie-downs, racks and more.

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