What Is the Best 1/5 Scale RC Car?

1/5 scale RC cars are a great way to enjoy the thrill of RC racing, but with a bit more power than the traditional 1/10 scale. Many people wonder what is the best 1/5 scale RC car?

The answer to this question depends largely on what you are looking for in an RC car. For those who want speed and power, electric-powered 1/5 scale cars are often the best choice. These cars have large brushless motors that can produce speeds up to 80mph, making them ideal for racing or just enjoying the thrill of going fast.

For those looking for an off-road vehicle that can handle rough terrain, nitro-powered 1/5 scale vehicles are often the best choice. These cars use an internal combustion engine and require regular maintenance, but they offer more torque and power than electric vehicles. They also come with a variety of accessories such as wheels, suspension systems, and even lights for nighttime driving.

For those who want a combination of speed and off-road capability, there are hybrid 1/5 scale vehicles that offer both electric and nitro power options. These cars offer a blend of performance characteristics from both types of engines, allowing drivers to switch between them as desired.

No matter what type of 1/5 scale car you choose, it’s important to consider your budget and skill level when selecting one. Some models may be more expensive or difficult to maintain than others. It’s also important to find out about aftermarket parts availability for your chosen model so you can upgrade it as needed.


In conclusion, when selecting the best 1/5 scale RC car it is important to consider your budget, skill level and desired performance characteristics. Electric powered vehicles offer higher speeds while nitro powered models provide more torque and off-road capabilities.

Hybrid models offer a combination of both electric and nitro power options allowing drivers to switch between them as desired. With careful consideration anyone can find the perfect vehicle for their needs.

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