What Is the Best Selling Pickup Truck of All Time?

When it comes to pickups, few models have the same storied history as the Ford F-Series. As the best-selling pickup truck of all time, the F-Series has been dominating U.S. roads since its debut in 1948. Over its 70+ year lifespan, the F-Series has gone through numerous redesigns and upgrades that have kept it a top choice for consumers across the country.

A Look at Ford F-Series History

The first generation of the F-Series was unveiled in 1948 and was offered in several different body styles. It was available as a half-ton pickup with an eight-foot bed or a three-quarter ton pickup with either a six or eight foot bed.

The base engine was an inline six cylinder engine and it could be upgraded to include a V8 engine. Throughout its production run, the F-Series has been available as both two and four wheel drive trucks.

Ford F Series: Through The Years

  • The second generation of the Ford F Series debuted in 1953 and featured a new more modern look. This generation also included an optional third door for access to the cab.
  • By 1965, Ford had completely redesigned the interior and exterior of the truck and introduced several new features including power brakes, power steering, air conditioning and vinyl upholstery.
  • The fourth generation of the Ford F Series began production in 1973 with an updated exterior design, improved suspension system and optional four wheel drive capability.
  • In 1987, Ford released their fifth generation of trucks which included significant improvements such as improved fuel economy, increased safety features and increased cargo capacity.
  • In 1997, Ford released their sixth generation of trucks which included more modern styling cues such as angled headlamps, flared wheel arches and aerodynamic styling cues.
  • The seventh generation of the Ford F Series debuted in 2004 making big changes to interior design with an all new dashboard layout.

Why Is The Ford F Series So Popular?

There are many reasons why consumers keep coming back to buy new models of the iconic Ford F Series pickup truck. In addition to its long storied history, this vehicle is known for its versatility and reliability on any terrain or weather condition.

Additionally, due to widespread availability of aftermarket parts like performance chips , exhaust systems , wheels , tires , etc., it is easy for owners to modify their vehicles based on their needs without breaking their budgets.

What Is The Best Selling Pickup Truck Of All Time?

>Conclusion: >With over seven decades worth of sales figures under its belt it is easy to see why the Ford F Series is widely considered as one of America’s favorite pickups. With its versatile design capabilities , reliable performance , wide availability of aftermarket parts , and affordable pricing options – it’s no wonder why so many consumers continue to choose this model over other competitors.< / p >

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