What Is the Bulkhead on a Pickup Truck?

A bulkhead, also known as a cab protector, is a popular aftermarket addition to pickup trucks. Bulkheads are designed to provide extra protection for the cab of the truck from debris and other objects that may be thrown up from the bed of the truck. In addition to providing added protection, bulkheads also give a finished look to the front of the truck.

Typically made from steel or aluminum, bulkheads are designed to fit specific makes and models of pickups. The most common design is a solid panel that extends from one side of the truck bed to the other, with holes cut out for visibility.

Some designs can also include slots in which cargo can be secured. The installation process involves attaching mounting brackets to either side of the bed, then sliding or bolting the bulkhead into place.

Bulkheads can help protect drivers and passengers in many ways. If something falls off of a load in the back of the truck, it won’t fly forward into the cab and potentially cause injury. Bulkheads also help reduce wind noise and can block exhaust fumes from entering through an open window.

In conclusion, bulkheads are an effective way to protect both drivers and passengers in pickup trucks from debris that may be thrown up from the bed of the truck. They provide an extra layer of security as well as a finished look that many drivers appreciate. For those who frequently haul cargo in their pickup trucks, investing in a quality bulkhead is a great way to ensure safety on every journey.

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