What Is the Bulkhead on a Truck Bed?

A bulkhead is an essential part of a truck bed that helps protect the cargo from shifting and keeps it secure. It also provides a barrier between the cab and the bed, keeping dirt and debris from entering the cab.

It can be made of a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, plastic, wood or fiberglass.

The bulkhead is typically mounted to the back wall of the truck cab, at or just below head-level height. It can be hinged or removable and may be adjustable to fit different truck models. The design of the bulkhead varies depending on its purpose; some are designed to provide additional support for heavier loads while others are used solely as a protective barrier.

A common feature on many bulkheads is tie-down points. These are often located along the top edge and in some cases along both sides as well.

They provide mounting points for straps or ropes that can be used to secure cargo in place. This helps ensure that cargo doesn’t shift when driving over rough terrain or making sharp turns.

Some other benefits of having a bulkhead include:

  • Added Safety: In addition to preventing items from shifting inside the truck bed, a bulkhead also offers extra protection in case of an accident by helping keep items from flying out into the cab or onto other drivers.
  • Weather Protection: A properly sealed bulkhead also provides protection from weather elements such as wind and rain.
  • Storage Space: Bulkheads often come with additional storage space where tools and other items can be conveniently stored.
  • Noise Reduction: Bulkheads help reduce noise coming from inside the truck bed while driving at higher speeds.

Bulkheads are an important part of any truck bed setup as they offer numerous benefits including improved safety, weather protection, extra storage space and noise reduction. When choosing a bulkhead for your vehicle it is important to select one that fits your needs and matches your truck model.


In conclusion, a bulkhead is an essential component for any pickup truck or SUV as it provides a protective barrier between the cab and cargo area and helps keep items from shifting during transport. In addition, it offers added safety benefits, weather protection, extra storage space and noise reduction capabilities – making it an invaluable part of any vehicle setup.


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