What Is the Cheapest Pickup Truck?

When it comes to choosing a pickup truck, affordability is a key factor for many drivers. To determine which pickup truck is the most cost-effective, we’ve evaluated not just the sticker price, but also fuel economy and the total cost of ownership over time.

Ultimately, this helps to identify which truck is the “best bang for your buck” in terms of long-term affordability.

The Cheapest Pickup Truck: The Chevrolet Colorado

According to Edmunds, the least expensive model in the pickup truck category is the Chevrolet Colorado. Starting at $20,200 MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), this vehicle provides exceptional value for its price tag.

It also offers impressive fuel economy at up to 24 mpg on highways, making it a great option for commuters looking to save money on gas. Additionally, the Colorado comes equipped with advanced safety features like lane departure warning and forward collision alert.

What Other Pickup Trucks Are Affordable?

In addition to the Colorado, there are a few other pickups that are known for their affordability. The Nissan Frontier is another popular model that starts at just under $20K MSRP. This vehicle also has good fuel economy ratings and offers great value for its price point when compared with other trucks in its class.

The GMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma are two other models worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable pickup truck. Both vehicles offer exceptional performance and come with plenty of features like advanced driver assistance systems and roomy interiors at a relatively low starting price point (around $25K).


Overall, when considering overall value and long-term affordability, it’s clear that the Chevrolet Colorado is the cheapest pickup truck available on the market today. With its low sticker price and excellent fuel economy ratings, this vehicle offers great savings when compared with other trucks in its class – making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious drivers who want a reliable ride without breaking the bank.

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