What Is the Cover for the Bed of a Pickup Truck Called?

A pickup truck is a type of vehicle that has an open cargo bed in the back. Having an open bed is great for carrying large items, but it can also be problematic if you are transporting something fragile or valuable. To protect your cargo, you may want to consider investing in a cover for the bed of your pickup truck.

The cover for the bed of a pickup truck is commonly referred to as a tonneau cover. A tonneau cover is a hard or soft covering that fits over the bed of your truck and helps keep your cargo safe from the elements and potential theft. Tonneau covers come in a variety of materials and styles, so you can find one that matches your specific needs and preferences.

Soft tonneau covers are typically made out of vinyl or canvas, and they are easy to install. They’re also more budget-friendly than hard tonneau covers, but they don’t provide as much protection from theft or weather damage.

Hard tonneau covers are made out of aluminum or fiberglass, and they provide maximum security for your cargo. They’re more expensive than soft covers, but many people prefer them because they offer increased protection.

No matter which type of tonneau cover you choose, both options will provide extra space in the cab area of your truck since they don’t take up any room inside the passenger area. They also add an extra layer of style to your truck since they come in various colors and designs.


In conclusion, a cover for the bed of a pickup truck is commonly referred to as a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers come in both soft and hard varieties, with each providing their own benefits such as additional security and style options. Investing in a tonneau cover is an excellent way to protect whatever you have stored in the back of your truck from potential theft or weather damage while also adding extra space inside the cab area.

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