What Is the Height of a Pop Up Truck Camper?

Pop up truck campers are an increasingly popular way to explore the great outdoors. Not only are they lightweight and easy to tow, but they also provide a comfortable camping experience without taking up a lot of space or requiring a large vehicle to tow them. But how tall are these campers? That depends on the make and model, but most pop up truck campers range from 8-11 feet tall when fully extended.

When the camper is closed, most models range from 4-7 feet in height. Some small models may be as short as 3 feet tall when closed. This makes them ideal for storage in places with limited space such as garages and sheds. This also makes them easier to tow since they require less clearance when driving under overpasses or entering parking garages.

The size and weight of the pop up truck camper you choose will also affect its height when extended. Larger models with more features such as showers, toilets, kitchens, and living areas can be quite heavy and may require stronger suspensions on the tow vehicle. Heavier models will also be taller than lighter ones when opened.

The type of roof you choose can also affect the overall height of your pop up truck camper. Hard-sided campers tend to be taller than soft-sided ones due to their sturdier construction materials and larger design features such as windows and doors. Soft-sided campers use canvas or other lightweight materials which can help keep them lower in height.

Overall, the height of a pop up truck camper can vary depending on its make and model, weight, roof type, and other design features. Most models range from 8-11 feet tall when extended, while smaller models may be as short as 3 feet when closed. Therefore it is important to take all these factors into consideration before buying a pop up truck camper for your camping adventures!

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