What Is the Lightest Truck Bed Camper?

For those looking for a lightweight, yet powerful truck bed camper, there are a few options available. A truck bed camper is an ideal choice for those who want to maximize the use of their truck bed and also have the convenience of being able to quickly set up and take down their camping experience.

One of the lightest truck bed campers on the market is the Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed model. This camper is built with an aluminum frame and weighs only 1,200 pounds when loaded.

It can fit onto most full-sized trucks with a minimum 6-foot or 8-foot flatbed, which makes it perfect for those who need to keep their load light but still have enough room for all of their camping gear. The camper comes with a queen-sized bed, dinette table, small kitchen area, refrigerator, and plenty of storage space. It also has an optional air conditioner and microwave unit that can be added if desired.

Another option is the Northstar Pop Up Truck Camper. This model is designed to fit onto most mid-sized pickup trucks with a minimum 5-foot or 6-foot short box. The camper weighs only 600 pounds when loaded and comes with all the necessary features for a comfortable camping experience, including a queen-sized bed, refrigerator/freezer compartment, dinette table that converts into another sleeping area, microwave oven unit, air conditioner unit (optional), and plenty of storage space.

For those looking for something even lighter in weight but still offering plenty in terms of features and quality construction materials, there’s the Alaskan Campers 8′ & 10′ Models. These campers are made from strong aluminum frames and weigh only 300 pounds when loaded. They come equipped with all the amenities needed for a comfortable camping experience including a dinette table that converts into another sleeping area, refrigerator/freezer compartment, microwave oven unit (optional), air conditioner (optional) and plenty of storage space.


The lightest truck bed camper currently on the market is the Alaskan Campers 8′ & 10′ Models which weigh just 300 pounds when fully loaded. Other lightweight options include the Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed model which weighs 1,200 pounds when loaded as well as Northstar Pop Up Truck Camper which weighs 600 pounds when loaded. All these campers come equipped with amenities such as refrigerators/freezers compartments, dinette tables that convert into sleeping areas along with microwaves ovens and air conditioners (optional).

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