What Is the Monster Energy Monster Truck?

Monster Energy Monster Truck is a world-renowned monster truck that has been thrilling audiences since the early 2000s. It is owned and operated by Feld Entertainment, the entertainment company that also owns and operates motorsports properties such as Monster Jam and AMA Supercross. The Monster Energy Monster Truck has become one of the most popular monster trucks in the world, with its unique design and powerful engines.


The Monster Energy Monster Truck features a unique design with an eye-catching paint scheme. It features a bright green body with black trim and white accents along with the distinctive Monster Energy logo prominently displayed on the side.

The truck features giant tires that provide incredible grip while navigating rough terrain. The truck also features an aerodynamic body made of lightweight materials to help reduce drag while still providing maximum power.


The Monster Energy Monster Truck is powered by a powerful engine that produces up to 2000 horsepower. This engine enables the truck to reach speeds of up to 100 mph, making it one of the fastest monster trucks in existence.

The truck also features four-wheel drive for superior traction when navigating rough terrain and difficult obstacles. The suspension system on the truck is designed to absorb shock from jumps and landings, allowing for smooth rides even over rough terrain.


Safety is paramount when it comes to operating any type of vehicle, especially one as powerful as a monster truck. The Monster Energy Monster Truck is equipped with safety features such as high-strength roll cages, five-point harnesses, fire suppression systems, and a special helmet designed specifically for monster trucks. Additionally, all drivers must be certified by Feld Entertainment before they are allowed to operate the vehicle.


What Is the Monster Energy Monster Truck? It is a unique and powerful monster truck owned by Feld Entertainment that has become one of the most popular in its class thanks to its eye-catching design and impressive performance capabilities. It features an impressive engine capable of reaching speeds up to 100mph, four wheel drive for superior traction, an aerodynamic body for reduced drag, safety features like roll cages and fire suppression systems, and must only be operated by certified drivers from Feld Entertainment.

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