What Is the Monster Truck Called in GTA 5 Sumo?

The Monster Truck in Grand Theft Auto 5 is known as the “Sumo”. First introduced in Grand Theft Auto 3, the Sumo is a large four-wheel drive pickup truck, with an open-top body, and a powerful engine.

It is one of the most versatile vehicles in the game, capable of tackling off-road terrain with ease.

The Sumo can be found in many different colors, ranging from black to yellow, and can be purchased from various car dealerships throughout the game. The Sumo is equipped with a powerful engine that gives it excellent acceleration and top speed, making it ideal for high speed pursuits or getting out of tight spots quickly.

It also has great traction on dirt roads and uneven terrain due to its 4WD drivetrain.

The Sumo also has some interesting customization options available. Players can upgrade their vehicle’s suspension to improve handling and stability on rough terrain, or add massive off-road tires for improved traction on sand or mud. Additionally, players can choose from a variety of liveries to customize their Sumo’s appearance.

One of the most unique features of the Sumo is its stunt ramp system. Players can use this system to perform impressive stunts such as jumps and drifts on any surface they encounter while driving. This feature makes the Sumo an excellent choice for performing daredevil stunts in GTA 5.

In conclusion, the Monster Truck in Grand Theft Auto 5 is called Sumo and it packs plenty of power under its hood along with great customizability options which make it perfect for performing stunts on any surface you encounter while driving around Los Santos.

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