What Is the Name of the Back of a Pickup Truck?

The back of a pickup truck is known by a variety of names. Depending on the type of bed and the manufacturer, it may be referred to as the tailgate, bed cover, cargo area, or tail box.

The tailgate is the most commonly used term for the back of a pickup truck. It is usually hinged at the bottom and can be opened and closed to provide access to the cargo area. The tailgate may also have an integrated step, making it easier to climb into the truck bed. This is especially helpful with taller trucks.

The bed cover is another name used to describe the back of a pickup truck. It typically consists of a lid that rests on top of the truck bed and can be opened and closed as needed. Bed covers are often made from fiberglass or other materials that provide protection from weather and debris for items stored in the cargo area.

The cargo area refers to the space inside the pickup truck behind its tailgate or bed cover. It is usually lined with rubber or plastic mats to protect items from damage caused by shifting during transit.

The tail box is an additional storage space located at the rear of some types of pickups. This box may be integrated into the vehicle’s frame or mounted onto its rear bumper as an aftermarket accessory.

In conclusion, there are several names used for different parts of a pickup truck’s design, including “tailgate,” “bed cover,” “cargo area,” and “tail box.” Depending on which type of pickup you own, one or more of these terms may apply when referring to what is essentially just part of your vehicle’s overall design – its rear end!

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