What Is the Name of the Dragon Monster Truck Monster Jam?

The Dragon Monster Truck is one of the most iconic monster trucks in all of Monster Jam. It has been a staple of the sport since its debut in 2002, and it has been thrilling fans ever since. The Dragon is driven by professional driver Mike Vaters, who has been behind the wheel for every event since 2002.

The Dragon Monster Truck was originally created by Tom Meents, a veteran monster truck driver who wanted to create something unique and exciting for fans to enjoy. He worked with the team at Monster Jam to design a four-wheel drive truck that resembled a dragon, complete with glowing eyes and smoke from its exhaust pipes.

The Dragon Monster Truck stands out from other monster trucks due to its unique design and powerful engine. The truck is equipped with a 540 cubic inch Merlin engine that produces 3,500 horsepower, allowing it to perform impressive stunts such as jumps, wheelies and back flips. It also features an innovative mechanical system that allows it to be steered while in mid-air.

In addition to being one of the most popular monster trucks in Monster Jam, the Dragon has also become well known for its signature logo which consists of two crossed swords topped with a dragon’s head and wings. This logo can be seen on merchandise such as hats, shirts and even toys. The Dragon is also featured on several video games such as “Monster Jam: Urban Assault” and “Monster Jam: Path Of Destruction”.

The Dragon Monster Truck has become an icon of the sport thanks to its unique design and thrilling performances by Mike Vaters over the years. It continues to be one of the most popular monster trucks among fans around the world who flock to events just to see it in action.
What Is the Name of the Dragon Monster Truck?
The name of the Dragon Monster Truck is simply “Dragon”.

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