What Is the Name of the Tow Truck in the Disney Movie Cars?

Tow Mater, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, is one of the main characters in the Disney movie franchise Cars. He is a rusty tow truck who has an infectious laugh and a big heart.

Tow Mater is loyal and helpful to his friends, and he often provides comic relief throughout the movies.

Tow Mater was originally a tow truck living in Radiator Springs, a town on Route 66 that had been forgotten and left behind when Interstate 40 bypassed it. He was found by Lightning McQueen, a rookie race car who had gotten lost on his way to California for the Piston Cup Championship Race. Together they had many adventures in Radiator Springs, including helping to fix up the town and saving it from destruction by an evil businessman.

Tow Mater’s unique look comes from his old-fashioned flatbed tow truck design. His body is made up of faded yellow paint with brown spots, giving him a rustic feel.

He also has tow hooks attached to both ends of his bed, as well as a hook on the back of his cab that can be used for towing cars. His front end has two headlights that look like eyes, adding personality to his design.

Tow Mater, with his uniquely lovable personality and classic tow truck design, has become one of Disney’s most beloved characters from the Cars movies. His story teaches children about friendship and loyalty while providing entertainment for audiences of all ages.


The name of the tow truck in Disney’s movie Cars is Tow Mater. Voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, Tow Mater is an old-fashioned rusty tow truck with an infectious laugh and big heart who helps out everyone in need.

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