What Is the Name of the Zombie Monster Truck?

Monster trucks are beloved by fans of automotive culture, and Zombie Monster Truck is no exception. The truck, which made its debut in 2017, is a modified version of the Grave Digger monster truck. It has an eye-catching design that features a zombie-themed paint job, oversized tires, and various other customizations to give it an eerie look.

The Zombie Monster Truck was created by Dennis Anderson, who has become known as the “Father of Monster Trucks” for his pioneering work in the industry. Anderson’s design attracted attention from fans all over the world and helped to popularize monster trucks even further.

The Zombie Monster Truck features a number of unique features that set it apart from other monster trucks. It has a unique paint job featuring a green zombie face on the hood and roof, as well as various other zombie-themed designs throughout the body.

Its tires are also much larger than those found on other monster trucks, measuring 66 inches in diameter. This allows it to traverse obstacles more easily than its peers and gives it an even more imposing presence at shows and competitions.

In addition to its appearance, the Zombie Monster Truck is also known for its outstanding performance in competitions and shows. It has won many awards over the years for both its speed and agility in competitions as well as its showmanship at events such as freestyle exhibitions where drivers demonstrate their skill behind the wheel. The truck is also driven by some of the most experienced drivers in the sport including driver Steve Sims who has been behind the wheel since 2018.

The Zombie Monster Truck continues to be one of the most popular monster trucks around today and attracts tens of thousands of fans whenever it appears at events around North America. Its unique style and outstanding performance have helped make it one of the most recognizable vehicles in motorsports today.


The Zombie Monster Truck is a renowned vehicle among motorsports fans due to its eye-catching design, impressive performance, and skilled driver Steve Sims. With its oversized tires, zombie-themed paint job, and remarkable showmanship at events all over North America, there’s no mistaking what this vehicle is – The Zombie Monster Truck.

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