What Is the Number 1 Monster Truck?

Monster trucks have been around since the late 1970s, and they still remain popular today. Whether you’re a fan of the big, powerful vehicles or just curious about their place in popular culture, you may wonder what is the number one monster truck?

Monster trucks first gained recognition when they began appearing in popular motorsports events in the United States. The original monster truck was created by Bob Chandler in 1979 and named Bigfoot.

It soon became famous for its ability to crush cars underneath its giant tires and jump over other vehicles with ease. Since then, many more monster trucks have been created, each with their own unique designs and capabilities.

The popularity of monster trucks has grown over the years, thanks to televised events featuring them. Monster Truck Jam is one of the most well-known annual competitions that shows off different teams’ vehicles in an exciting display of power and speed. Each year, tens of thousands of fans flock to these events to witness the incredible stunts that these massive machines can perform.

With so many great monster trucks out there, it’s hard to pick just one as being number one. However, there is consensus among fans that Bigfoot is still king when it comes to monster trucks.

Not only was it the first-ever monster truck created, but it has also had a long history of success at various motorsports events across the country. From crushing cars with ease to performing awesome jumps on camera, Bigfoot has remained a fan favorite ever since its inception in 1979.


When it comes to finding out what is the number one monster truck, there’s no doubt that Bigfoot reigns supreme! Thanks to its groundbreaking creation back in 1979 as well as its long history of success at motorsport events across America, Bigfoot is beloved by fans everywhere and continues to be an icon for all things related to monster trucks.

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