What Is the Rarest Monster Truck?

The world of monster trucks is vast, with plenty of vehicles to choose from. From the classic Bigfoot and Grave Digger to the modern-day, state-of-the-art machines, there is something for everyone. But what is the rarest monster truck?

The answer depends on what you consider “rare”. Some might define rare as a truck that is no longer produced and can only be found in secondhand stores or online auctions. Other people might consider a rare monster truck to be one that was manufactured in limited numbers and has become highly sought after by collectors.

One of the most sought after and arguably “rarest” monster trucks is the Bigfoot 8, also known as “The Last Bigfoot”. This was a limited edition model produced by the Bigfoot Monster Truck Company in 2008. It was built with an 8-inch lift kit and featured larger tires than other models, making it a powerful machine capable of performing stunts like no other monster truck at the time.

Another rare truck is the Monster Patrol, which was produced by Traxxas in 2005. This truck featured a unique design compared to other monster trucks at the time, featuring a 4WD system, independent suspension and 4-link trailing arms for maximum stability and off-road performance.

Perhaps one of the most iconic and valuable trucks on the market is Grave Digger #1 from 1983 – also known as “The Original” – which was driven by Dennis Anderson himself. This model was originally built from parts from an old junker car and has since become a legend amongst fans due to its unique design and history behind it.

Conclusion: With so many monster trucks to choose from, it can be hard to define exactly what makes one particular vehicle rarer than others. However, certain models stand out amongst enthusiasts due to their limited production numbers or iconic designs such as The Last Bigfoot, Monster Patrol and Grave Digger #1 – all of which are considered some of the rarest monster trucks on the market today.

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James Gardner