What Is the Size of My Truck Bed?

A truck bed is an essential feature of any pickup truck, and understanding its size is key in making sure that you are able to transport the items you need to. The size of a truck bed varies depending on the make and model, and even the year that it was made.

The most common type of truck bed is the “short bed”, which typically measures between 5′-8′ in length. Longer beds are also available, and can measure up to 8’-6” in length.

The size of your truck bed may be determined by looking at the manufacturer’s specification sheet for your vehicle. This will provide you with specific measurements for both the interior and exterior dimensions of your truck bed.

It is important to note that these dimensions may not be exact as there can be slight variations between models and years.

In addition to length, you should also consider other factors such as width and height when determining the size of your truck bed. The width will depend on whether or not your vehicle has wheel wells, which take up some of the space in the bed.

Height is also important as it will determine how much clearance there is for items being loaded into or out of the truck.

Another factor to consider when determining what size your truck bed is whether or not you have an extended cab model or a regular cab model. Extended cab models typically have larger beds than regular cab models due to their extended frame design.


Knowing what size your truck bed is can help you make sure that you are able to transport items safely in your pickup truck when needed. By looking at manufacturer specifications, measuring length, width and height, as well as noting whether or not you have an extended cab model, you should be able to determine what size your truck bed is.

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